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Payment Guidelines

For all court appointments on or after September 1, 2023 use the below fee schedule and forms.

Non-Contract Atty Guidelines

Court appointed attorneys may submit invoices electronically to using the revised billing forms embedded in the below fee schedule for all cases assigned by the court on or after September 1, 2023.  All invoices must be submitted within thirty (30) days of the case’s conclusion and must be accompanied by the court’s Order of Appointment.  Attorneys will need a valid vendor number to submit invoices, please contact the Court Appointed Attorney Program if you need assistance.

  @ $60/hr New Cap est. hours
§40-10B-9 Kinship Guardianship  {1,080.00} 18
§40-4-8 Domestic Relations {900.00} 15
§32A-5-16 TPR/Private Adoption {900.00} 15
  @ $50/hr New Cap est. hours
Rule 1-017 Parties plaintiff/defendant; capacity GAL {700.00} 14
§45-5-303(C) Appt. of GAL for Incapacitated Person    {700.00} 14
§43-1-4 Adult Commitment/Treatment Guardian {150.00} 3
§24-1-15 Medical isolation or quarantine {200.00} 4
§32A-6A-13 Juvenile Commitment/Treatment Guardian {100.00} 2
§27-7-27 Adult Protective Services {300.00} 6
§40-11A-641(A) Adjudication of Paternity –Respondent {600.00} 12
§40-11A-612(B) §40-11A-608(C) GAL Adjudication of Paternity or Denial of Genetic Testing (GAL or Respondent) {150.00} 6

Other qualifying cases**            up to $600.00 dependent on complexity and case type    

{**such as TRO cases with a respondent minor or other interest of justice appointments}

Appointed counsel may seek, on cases with Complex Litigation, a one-time request for an adjustment to the cap by submitting a written request for review to CAAP.